World Community is Seriously Considering the Freedom of Balochistan:Hyrbiar Marri

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World Community is Seriously Considering the Freedom of Balochistan:Hyrbiar Marri

Post  بامسار بلوچ on Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:24 pm

OSLO:It is imperative upon America and the civilized world to stop backing the state of Pakistan which has committed crimes against humanity. Because the money and aid that America and west provided to Pakistan to fight extremism are instead being used to nurture and expand the extremism, which is not only affecting the peace in the region, but also entire world peace as a whole” said the Patriotic Baloch national leader Hyrbiar Marri in a protest rally in front of American embassy in Oslo yesterday.He said that international community with substantial proofs has reached to the conclusion that Pakistan is no more a partner in the war against terrorism;but a staunch supporter of their enemy.

In Afghanistan both Iran and Pakistan are creating hurdle and difficulties for America and its allies said the visiting Baloch national leader to Baloch community who held a protest against Pakistani and Iranian atrocities in Balochistan. The Baloch leader said that the only secular nation in the region is the natural ally of the civilized nations is facing the genocide on both sides of the arbitrary border drawn by Pakistan and Iran on the chest of Baloch motherland. World community must see towards our national and international common interests in a wider perspective and reconsider their relationship with Pakistan; because the Iranian nuclear ambitions and the religious extremism are interlinked with each other, which are one way or other incited by Pakistan. Therefore it’s our urgent appeal that Baloch national movement for freedom be recognized immediately and openly. All helps rendered to Pakistan should be withdrawn which has committed crime of genocide against Baloch nation.

Praising the efforts of Baloch community in Norway he said that our brothers and sisters in Norway have left no stone unturned in raising their affective voice of Baloch nation in the western world on both sides of the border against the atrocities committed by Iran and Pakistan.

The reason of disappearances and killings of Baloch people for years in Iran and Pakistan is that they are demanding their freedom and national identity from both countries. At the end he said that closing the ranks among the pro freedom forces is the call of the day. It is the duty of the day for all Baloch living abroad and in Balochistan to press persuades the Pakistani parliamentarians Baloch that they understand the reality that unity without a single agenda of freedom of Balochistan is nothing than a self deception.Baloch intellectual Waja Hafeez Hasanabadi addressing the protesters said that barbaric state sponsored terrorism is at its peak in Balochistan. In Eastern Balochistan, hardly a day goes by that three to four Baloch are not abducted, similarly in same number we are receiving gifts of mutilated dead bodies on daily basis. Baloch are resisting the occupying forces bravely in entire Balochistan which has destroyed the entire state structure in Balochistan. The enemy state is in panic by reading its failure in the clear writing on the wall.The barbaric acts of killing and dumping of Baloch people is the exact sign that the enemy state is living in a dreadful condition. In such conditions it is our national duty that the Baloch sisters and brothers become the interpreters of freedom movement in abroad. He particularly congratulated the brothers and sisters of Baloch National Movement (BNM) of the Iranian occupied Western Balochistan that they organized such a protest. At the end, the central leader of Baloch Raaj Zrombresht, Waja Raisi said that on the one hand in Iranian occupied Western Balochistan, the Iranian regime is hanging Baloch people depriving them access to court and justice with false allegations, on the other side of the arbitrary border, in Eastern Balochistan, Baloch on daily basis being abducted and their mutilated bodies are dumped on roadside. Waja Raisi thanking the Patriotic Baloch national leader, Waja Hyrbiar Marri for his effort, who has now started his campaign for uniting the pro freedom forces on both side of border under a single agenda of freedom, said that BNM would appreciate it as a great step forwards.

At the end of the protest an open letter was delegated to Mr President Obama and a resolution on behalf of BSO of Oslo zone was submitted to American embassy to Norway. A large number of Baloch people took part in that protest which started at 3PM and ended at 4 o’clock the afternoon. Entire world community is seriously considering the freedom of Balochistan. Therefore, the sooner our friends abandon their relationship Pakistan the closer we get to our freedom, and it soon heralds the end of Pakistani and Iranian occupation of Balochistan.

Translated by Archen Baloch

By : Baloch Johd
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