Save life of Salal Baloch

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Save life of Salal Baloch

Post  بامسار بلوچ on Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:41 am

Mr Salal Baloch have been a Baloch student activist and has been arrest several times for his agitation against Pakistan oppression of Baloch in Pakistan, he has succeeded to leave Pakistan to Sweden and has applied for refugee status, unfortunately his application has been rejected and he is know in the police custody for deportation to Pakistan where he would certainly be arrested, tortured and might be executed we are concerned for life and safety, therefore we all together demand from Swedish migration authority to reconsider his case and accept him as refugee here in Sweden.

Pakistan have started a genocide of Baloch political, cultural and social activist, body bog are found daily in Balochistan , Pakistan’s many security forces and extremist groups under its Army and ISI command arrest Baloch arrest kidnap and daily, whose tortured and mutilated body are found subsequently.

Like Many other Baloch student, Salal face security problem in Pakistan. Mr Salal Baloch together with Mr Ghulam Mohammad Baloch (Mr Ghulam Mohammad Baloch was arrested together with Sher Mohammad Baloch head of (BRP) and Lala Muneer and all 3 where tortured to death please links below) and other student participated in many demonstrations in Pakistan.

Salal was arrested and was tortured, he managed to scape and applied asylum in Sweden. But unfortunately Swedish authorities arrested Salal and are going to deport him within couple of weeks. We are concern for his safety and his life.

We are asking everyone who is member of any community to sigh or write a letter to Swedish immigration and we are requesting the government of Sweden to consider his asylum application positively.

Please find information below about abduction, kidnapping, torturing and killing of, teacher, journalist, scholar, civilian and politician Baloch people in Pakistan.

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