Pakistani soldiers killing Baloch in the name of Allah, Islam

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Pakistani soldiers killing Baloch in the name of Allah, Islam

Post  Bolan on Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:30 pm

Baloch student activists are facing killings and brutal torture at the hands of Pakistan military soldiers who say that annihilating the Baloch is a service to Islam, London-based Baloch Warna reported on Saturday.

Pakistan's jihadist soldiers are also taking the gold earrings and rings of women when they raid Baloch homes inside Balochistan, according to a victim who is now dead

Nasir Dagarzai Baloch, recorded his testimony in the interceding periods between his two abductions, prior to his final abduction and execution.

At first, he and his friends Rasool Bakhsh, Abid Aleem and Mehrab Baloch were forcibly disappeared on January 23, 2011.

After brutal torture that included cutting the flesh and drilling the body, on January 27, 2011 the soldiers opened fire on them and then dumped their bodies. The Pakistani soldiers thought all were dead, but Nasir Baloch had survived miraculously.

After a slow recovery, when on May 25 he was traveling to Quetta for treatment he was again forcibly disappeared along with his brother Gul Mohammed Baloch.

The bullet riddled bodies of the two brothers were found from Western Bypass area of Quetta on July 17 along with bodies of two other Baloch victims identified as Maqsood Qalandrani and Murtaza Sarparah.

Nasir Baloch said the Pakistani soldiers kept saying: “You're enemy of Allah, his prophet and Islam. You kill Punjabis, and we are only here to protect them; any Baloch who say wrong about any Punjabi, we will cut his tongue cut off.

“Since we are the army of God, we are fighting for Allah almighty, and these Balochi people are kaafir (infidels). They are fighting against Allah and his prophet on the instigation of Israel and India. That is why killing them is permissible and a service to Islam.”

After the speech all the solders said “Allaho Akbar – God is great.”

Balochistan-based Pashtun intellectual Ashraf Kakar told this correspondent when Pakistan's lowly paid mercenary soldiers come to Balochistan the general public taunts them why they come to kill innocent Baloch for so little money. But they respond. “We are not here for the money. We are here to serve Islam.”

Pakistan military committed same kinds of war crimes in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

As many as 200 Baloch student activists, political workers, lawyers, journalists, who were forcibly disappeared, were killed by the Pakistan army and secret services in Balochistan since July 2010.


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