Military Operation in Balochistan: Dozens arrested in New Kahan dawn raids

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Military Operation in Balochistan: Dozens arrested in New Kahan dawn raids

Post  بامسار بلوچ on Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:00 am

Occupied Balochistan: Dozens of Marri Baloch residents of New Kahan, Quetta, have been arrested by Pakistani security forces in an early morning raid on their houses. The victims included elderly and teenage school boys.

Sources from the area informed Balochwarna that around five AM, Wednesday Morning a large number of Pakistan armed forces raided New Kahan area of Quetta in Hazar Ganji and started a house – to – house search operation. The locals said that the occupying forces acted more like thieves and robbers than security officials; they took away tractors, motorcycles, cash and other valuables from peoples’ possession.

It is pertinent to mention that most the people in New Kahan are daily wages workers and work hard to help their families. The area has also been under constant military operations since early 2000; several people are currently being illegally detained by Pakistani authorities from New Kahan and dozen including women and children have been killed during raids and under-custody. Due to continuous attacks by Pakistani security forces New Kahan has been named as the “Gaza Strip” of Balochistan.

Today morning as the security forces continued their rampage on ground, military helicopter hovered in a low altitude in the air to harass innocent residents, women and children.

The exact number of arrests could not be confirmed immediately but it has been said that the number might go beyond two dozen. The arrested people have been shifted to different locations in Quetta and they have no access to legal representation neither do their family members know anything about their whereabouts or well-being.

It is also to be noted that two days earlier Pakistani security forces have rounded up over 200 innocent Baloch from Saryab Raod and Killi Qambarani areas of Quetta who are still being detained. Every year between 8 -16 August Pakistan detains hundreds of Baloch pro-liberation activists in order to stop them from celebrating Balochistan’s Independence Day on 11 August and protesting on 14 August against Pakistan’s Independence.

However, Baloch patriots say that such brutal action of the state are furthering their resolve and providing them fuel to hate Pakistan even more. Baloch youth in Balochistan, abroad and on social networking sites have already stated displaying pictures of the flag of Balochistan and started sending message of “Happy Independence Day” greetings to each other. The Baloch say "Pakistan may chain few people but it has become very difficult for Pakistan and its security agencies to kill the aspirations of Baloch youth and the growing ideology of Independence. The more the state commits heinous crimes against Baloch people it give more reasons to them [the Baloch] to struggle and demand for Independence of their occupied country".
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