Baloch unity call made in London as Mengals sell fort in Wadh: report

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Baloch unity call made in London as Mengals sell fort in Wadh: report

Post  بامسار بلوچ on Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:52 pm

Baloch speakers in London Sunday highlighted the recent worsening human rights situation in Balochistan and urged the Baloch leadership for forging a broader Baloch unity in order to engage the enemy in a meaningful way.

Speakers who paid tribute to the fallen heroes of Balochistan included Jamshed Amiri, Mansoor Baloch, Waleed Garboni, Rahim Bandovi, Shahab Rockny, Ismail Amiri, Dr. Abdul Doshoki, and Mir Ghulam Hussain.

The meeting was held in London to mark the 40th day after the killing of Professor Saba Dashtiyari on Sunday at the University of London Union Building.

Organizers of the meeting included Baloch Human Rights Council (U.K.), Balochistan Liberation Organisation, Balochistan-e-Raji Zrombesh, Balochistan Peoples Party and Balochistan United Front Federal.

One minute silence was observed in respect to Professor Saba Dashtiyari and martyrs of Balochistan.

Speakers paid rich tribute to the sacrifices of the martyrs of Balochistan who had given their lives for a bright future for the Baloch and Balochistan.

They condemned Iranian and Pakistani atrocities against the Baloch and the crimes against humanity committed in Balochistan by both rogue fundamental religious states of Iran and Pakistan. The speakers condemned the kill and dump policy of the Pakistani armed forces and their proxy organizations of the Baloch political and social activists.

They condemned Pakistan for humilating dead bodies and dumping them on the road side or in open fields.

The speakers paid rich tribute to the services of Saba Dashtiyari for the Balochi language and literature and Baloch national cause. .

Akbar Barakzai, veteran Baloch activist and president of the B.H.R.C. chaired the meeting and recited his poem dedicated to Professor Dashtiyari in his closing speech. The proceedings were conducted by B.H.R.C.’s Vice President Hassan Hamdam.

Independent sources say the B.H.R.C. activities in London and Toronto are bankrolled by Gulf-based supporters of Sardar Akhtar Mengal, who like his father Sardar Ataullah Mengal, is a former chief minister of Balochistan. The father and son duo, who lead the Balochistan National Party, have come under criticism of the Baloch patriots fighting for independence for sellling a historic Baloch fort in their ancestral Wadh to the Pakistani security establishment for Rs. 120 million.

Sunday's meeting was dedicated to Professor Saba Dashtiyari who was a fierce critic of the Mengals sellout to Pakistan. The Mengals did not issue any statement against the professor's killing.

Critics say Mengals secret deals with army generals have emboldened them to kill Baloch patriots.
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