The arrest of Abdul Malik Regi; something seems fishy

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The arrest of Abdul Malik Regi; something seems fishy

Post  Bolan on Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:16 pm

By R.Denaro

The capture of what Iran claims to be its most wanted and prominent rebel Sunni-Baluch leader Abdul Malik Regi is followed by numerous confusions. The Iranian officials claim Malik Regi has been arrested onboard on a flight to Kyrgyzstan via Dubai and marked it as a major victory.

On the other hand the spokesperson of ‘Baluch Peoples Resistance Movement of Iran’ formerly known as ‘Jundallah’ (army of god), Kamal Narouvi in an interview given to Radio Gwank ( on February 28th 2010, insisted that the arrest only took place after the collaboration of several intelligence agencies including ISI, CIA, Mossad, Iranian Intelligence (Itlaat) and Afghan Intelligence agencies. He rejected the Iranian claim of arresting the leader onboard on a flight and said the leader was captured in a house in Afghanistan by the American forces with the help of other intelligence agencies and later on handed over to Iranian officials.

On the very following day of Malik Regi’s arrest, the Pakistani Ambassador to Iran Mohammad Abbasi instantly claimed and told the reporters in Tehran that Pakistan helped Iran nab the leader (,,5282399,00.html). Later on Pakistan kept silence on the issue.
A Pakistani political analyst sharing his view on BBC Urdu Service said if Pakistan was involved in the capture of Malik Regi, it (Pakistan) should not publicize its involvement because it could harm its relations with other Sunni Muslim countries whom Pakistan depend economic assistance.
As Malik Regi 28, the leader of Sunni-Baluch militant group was struggling for Sunni religious and Baluch national rights in Iran, he was very popular among Sunnis allover.

As we know, In Iran every religious minority can exercise its religious practices except Sunnis because as it (Iran) claims Islam is one -- whose followers are Shias. This is why Sunnis are not allowed to build mosques or call for prayer on loudspeakers. It can be easily assumed while traveling to Iran by road from the Pakistani borders, the security officials ask the religion of an individual by asking to be a Sunni or a Muslim?

Some political analysts say Iran being a member of ‘Friends of Democratic Pakistan’ did not pay its promised due because Pakistan was still not reluctant in handing over Malik Regi to Iran. Some other political analyst say Iran has pressurized Pakistan through Turkey to hand over Malik Regi. Iran itself is staging different dramas on this issue to confuse the political analysts worldwide.

Malik Regi’s capture followed instant re-open of Pakistani-Iranian border for trade by Iran ( ... _After_Blast/1971517.html).
Here the most agreed argument among the analysts is the link of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, Hamas military commander’s assassination in Dubai and Malik Regi’s arrest. The analysts strongly believe that Malik Regi’s arrest resulted after Iranian cooperation and intelligence sharing with the CIA and Mossad in the assassination of Hamas Leader in Dubai last January. In return of favor, CIA and Mossad helped capturing the young leader

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