Pakistani Plot against Baloch Nation

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Pakistani Plot against Baloch Nation

Post  Bolan on Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:16 pm

By Diagoh Murad

In just recent months waves of protest and strict warning statements were issued by Baloch nationalist leaders concerning the Pakistani scheme of Census recording which in term is described as ridding the Baloch of their leadership on Balochistan and making the unimaginable happen where the Afghan refugees are also in the list. While these theories are in the pipeline the biggest problem is the Taliban encroachment in Balochistan, many news reports and US think tank has testified the involving activities of Taliban in the inner most Pashtun dominated areas of Balochistan mainly Quetta where according to the CIA the head of Taliban “Mullah Omar” is sheltered along with many main commanders and leaders, some facts were also revealed about the “Quetta Shura” which is a metaphor to all these terrorist activist inside Balochistan and Afghanistan.

The Baloch being secular, democratic and their social life is governed under the strict rule of Baloch laws where there is no space for religious discrimination have sidelined themselves from the Taliban radicalism while Pakistan supports and aids them in their quest for total obliteration. Baloch seemingly have a different ideology and faith then that of all those Pakistani extremist and Taliban organizations which is why that Taliban have not reached to Baloch dominated areas and have settled around Pashtun areas mainly Quetta.

The biggest reason we Baloch see the Census recording as an anti-Baloch approach is because we believe that through this Pakistan will surely bring negativity to the minds of International community by a complex census report where the mix up population of Afghan refugees and those of other nationalities (Also known as settlers) will be summed up to decrease the percentage of Baloch population through an unsystematic and bogus census report. First of all Baloch nation doesn’t agree with the idea of a census report under Pakistani authorities and secondly Baloch have always spar with Pakistan about their ethnicity being different than that of typical Pakistan.

The recent war which is being led in Balochistan is not just an uprising or an approach for a reformation in Pakistan but for independent Balochistan, Baloch have always provided the facts that Pakistan has occupied Balochistan and they are now struggling to liberate Balochistan, One time Nawab Khair Bux Marri said that “There is no separation movement going on, we are fighting for our independence” and indeed Baloch are fighting for their just right which is the born right of a child or a nation to be free to choose their destiny rather be bounded by a tyrant like Pakistan.

The bogus census report will surely bring an uncertain decline if we Baloch let it because our nation is undergoing an intense fight with the biggest army of the world and in these times Pakistan has shown no remorse killing mercilessly be it the women or children no one is spared in their so called search operation in Baloch areas. The Census records not only the Baloch population but those also who have taken refugee and shelter in Balochistan so that Pakistan may turn Baloch nation into minority, under their authority they will do every dirty trick they have under their sleeves and for that Baloch nation have testified their negativity over this issue.

The total population of Afghan Refugees in Balochistan is (406,770 )according to the UNHCR,while actual numbers are more than a million and if that’s not enough Pakistan has settled more of its population of those Urdu Speaking (Indian Refugees) from Karachi in the south eastern part of Balochistan and along with these issue the biggest problem are the Taliban who have their roots secured in and around Quetta thanks to Pakistan and its aid, although the basic reason for settling the Taliban in Quetta was to monitor the Baloch movement and use the Taliban bomb over the Baloch nationalist and failing to do so Pakistan has now started their new scheme to subdue the Baloch population through a bogus and centralized report of Balochistan census.

We have already condemned and criticized this scheme of Pakistan to undermine Baloch nation and we hope that we receive the same kind of response in return from the international lobbies concerning our legal demands for an independent Balochistan as because a sovereign Balochistan is in the interest of all. We are now counting that Afghanistan government will put measures to demand the return of Afghan refugees and will settle the dust down or else Pakistan will surely wash these Afghan refugees with Taliban sentiments and create such a radical force that with which Afghanistan stability will be ended with a question mark “?”, to rid the question mark Afghan government has to take this issue with Pakistan about the refugees and the recently surfaced “Quetta Shura” Baloch nationalist forces are and will dismantle this organization but an external support is needed to do so.

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