Census: A conspiracy to Blackmail Baloch

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Census: A conspiracy to Blackmail Baloch

Post  Bolan on Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:39 am

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch

Census has commenced and all thirty districts of Balochistan have been scheduled to be included. According to the population census department, there are 193 blocks across Balochistan and each block has 275 to 200 housing units. The teams have initiated the field work .Despite existence of huge reservations in Balochistan by Baloch political parties, Baloch armed forces which have opposed the census and urged the people of Balochistan not to participate in the exercise.
The census has become a great challenge for twenty one districts of Baloch, with huge reservations. The main issue is of Afghan refugees in Balochistan who have been planed to be counted in the current census. Undoubtedly, Afghan refugees are being considered a great challenge for Baloch nation and Baloch nationalist because the inclusion of Afghan refugees in census can not only affect the Baloch society but also it can harm Baloch demography .On the other hand, Pashtun nationalist have always favored and assisted Afghan refugees, so as to increase their vote bank for political reason .

No doubt, more than 400, 000 Afghan immigrants are currently living in different districts of Balochistan .Particularly; they have already made entry inBaloch –dominated districts of Noshki and Dalbandin and Quetta and all eight Pashtun districts. With the support of Pashtun nationalists, they have been provided local domicile and national identity cards. Simultaneously, they have national identity cards and passports of both Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to a survey, twenty percent population of Afghanistan is living as immigrant in Pakistan and major part of them is in Balochistan which have dominated significant part of the local economy, depriving baloch population of the same opportunities to gain.

It goes without saying the presence of Afghan refugees has worsened law and order situation in Balochistan, including influx of drugs and weapons is caused due to them. Baloch nationalist allege the government deliberately does not repatriate these refugees who have become an economic and social burden on Balochistan. The calculation of Afghan immigrants in population of Balochistan is unaffordable. Settled Afghan refugee populations are a cause of unrest in Balochistan .

The current census is not in favor of Baloch nation because if on the one hand there is excessive burden of Afghan refuges then, on the other hand, a large number of Baloch Marri and Bugti population had been displaced due to the military operation launched by General Musharraf’s regime. Currently, they are living in different parts of Balochistan and Sindh and Punjab.

The recent flood and death tool also created uncertain situation and extremely affected four districts: Dera Allah Yar , Naseerabad , Usta Muhammad and Gawadar of Balochistan. The chief parts of population in these three districts of Balochistan have been displaced. In case of calculation in the census the great part of population will be missing. Military operations in different parts of Balochistan such as Mashki district Awaran and Turbat have also terrified Baloch populations to flee from their home town.

Baloch political parties such as National Party, Balochistan National Party (M) are playing quite strange role. In the very beginning both political parties asked the people of Balochistan, especially in their own strongholds, to take part in the ongoing census. Now, they have termed the whole process as a”conspiracy by establishment” against Baloch nation. A BNP statement revealed that the census divided Balochs and Brahvi as “deep conspiracy” but establishment should have kept in its mind that it would fail to create divisions among Blaochs in the name of language.

In the presence of Afghan refugees National Party has asked to cancel the on going house counting and census.Baloch armed groups such as the Baloch Libration Army, (BLA) Baloch Libration Front (BLF), Baloch Republican Army (BRA) and the Baloch nationalist parties supportive of the armed groups and the idea of Baloch freedom, have named the current census a conspiracy. These groups have threatened the people not to participate in the house counting census .The armed groups and Baloch National Front, a coalition of Baloch nationalist parties that support the Baloch liberation, is considering the census a phony exercise. According to the (BLF ), the census is only meant to please the pro-parliament political parties and Baloch should relinquish their support to any such move that encourages parliamentary politics against baloch libration .

In the bleeding and burring Balochistan, the census is adding fuel to the fire. At the moment, Balochistan is not in any position to hold census. The role of Pashtun nationalist in supporting census is that of blackmailing the Balochs. It has been observed that for a long time Pashtun nationalist groups, mainly Pashtunkhawa Milli Awami Party, has been claiming fifty percent representation in Balochistan, despite having one-sided population in a few districts .This is not only unfair but also beyond the common sense .Therefore, to increase Pashtun population illegally, they historically backed Afghan refuges in both the phases of their coming to Balochistan. Religious parties, with a pro-Taliban stance, had also supported the Afghan refugees to provide them a safe haven and launching pad for operations from Balochistan.

The current census, I believe, is a great conspiracy against the Baloch nation .The participation of Balochs in this census will utterly throw them in minority. Because it has already been planed to blackmail Baloch through this census. When the Afghan immigrants are being counted and a great part of Baloch population is displaced due to military operations and recent floods the ongoing census is being measured systematic conspiracy against Baloch nation and this will be surely useless, unless there is the interest and will of the Baloch nation.

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